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BEqualise is designed for all vestibular patients we for now include the following disorders:


Peripheral Vestibular Disorders (PVD) include pathology of inner ear vestibular structures as well as the vestibular portion of the eighth cranial nerve. Such pathology diminishes available sensory information regarding head position and movement. We include and consider: Vestibular neuritis, Meniere’s, BPPV, tinnitus,


Central Vestibular Disorders (CVD) primarily involve the vestibular nuclear complex and the cerebellum, as well as structures of the reticular activating system, midbrain, and higher centers of cortical function. Pathology of the central vestibular structures affects integration and processing of sensory input from the vestibular, visual, and somatosensory systems. The CVD we included are: migraine related vestibulopathy, vestibular migraine, PPPD, MdDS, Visually Induced Dizziness.
BEqualise is committed to improve the lives of women who are dealing with vestibular disorders with a holistic approach.

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