We truly appreciate your help in building the first holistic community for dizzy women. we are building this solution with patients for patients, so we need your help today BEqualise mission is to provide tangible solutions to help you deal with your symptoms on a daily basis and keep working on self-development while becoming more stable! We look forward to learning from you, so we would be delighted to welcome you to our BEqualise community, please leave your contacts below and download our APP using the Mobile Store buttons in the main menu.

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BEqualise is the first platform for dizzy women.
We built the first holistic and personalised program to help patients suffering from balance disorders. Our program is scientifically based and aims to guide patients day-by-day. We include personalised trainings, nutrition, brain exercises and active relaxation elements.

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BEqualise is committed to improve the lives of women who are dealing with vestibular disorders with a holistic approach.

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