BEqualise is committed to improve the lives of women who are dealing with vestibular disorders with a holistic approach.

About Us

BEqualise is the first platform for dizzy women. We built the first holistic and personalised program to help patients suffering from balance disorders. Our program is scientifically based and aims to guide patients day-by-day. We include personalised trainings, nutrition, brain exercises and active relaxation elements. We also have a section for healthcare professionals to monitor and empower their patients.

meet our team

We are a team of experts distributed worldwide. We have combined different expertise to create BEqualise platform to ease patients everywhere they are, to build a strong community.
Dr. Viviana Mucci
chief executive officer
Researcherand entrepreneur with a phd in medical science and several years of experience in business consultancy and startup
Doron Hacmon
Chief Marketing Officer
Business Executive with 20 years of Innovation, Marketing, Commercial, Strategy, Product Development, and Technology experience.
Roberto Moscatt
Chief Operating Officer
Executive director and Advisor in several corporates and startups with a focus on digital innovation and business development.
Gabi Hacmon
Holistic Expert
Nutritionist & Homeopath
Orthomolecular Functional
Founder of Body Reset.
Dr. Faisal Almubarak
Head of rehabilitation
DSc in Physical Therapy with 10 years experience in vestibular medicine.
Dr. Carlo Rinaudo
Functional Neurology Chiropractor
Owner and Director of Brain Hub ~ a concussion and dizziness clinic, Researcher (PhD Vestibular Rehabilitation), Lecturer in clinical neuroscience and Vestibular Neuro- Rehabilitation.
MD. PhD Alessandro Parrella
Medical Consultant - AI Med Tech Expert. Consultant in BEqualise for the telemedicine component.
Skagit Gehringer
Chief Financial Officer
Certified Management Accountant from Switzerland with a solid background in finance acquired within several multinationals in different industries.
Luca Vajani
Chief Technology Officer
CEO @ Aries Tech Blockchain and NFT Expert, IOT & smart devices, Mobile Apps, custom software development.
Dr. Vishal Pawar
Head of Clinical Management Neurologist
DHA licensed and 10 years of experience. His area of interest in Neurology is to manage cases of headaches, vertigo, stroke and back pain.
Dr. Valentina Panfilio
Meditation & Yoga Specialist
Dentist, Aesthetic, Meditation and Yoga Teacher.
Dmitri Ogorodnikov
Eng Specialist
Technical, electronic and software systems design, research and development of electronic and biomedical equipment, motion control systems.

Our Mission

Use science and technology, via digital channels, to provide a personalised and holistic journey of recovery for women affected by vestibular disorders every where in the world.

Our Vision

Hacking and enhancing the current standard of care for the million women affected by vestibular disorders wherever they are.
BEqualise is committed to improve the lives of women who are dealing with vestibular disorders with a holistic approach.

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